About Parallel Engines

Parallel Engines (www.parallelengines.com) is an on-going research and development incubator funded by several luminaries from the Semiconductor and Computer industries. The company is self funded with support from key research and industry partners.

Parallel Engines makes sense of the enormous amount data being put out on the World Wide Web everyday. Technology for indexing, data-mining, database organization, and web presentation is the key current focus. Contact us if you need our help.

Our aggregation robots, "minions" as we affectionately call them, are designed to extract industry and domain-specific knowledge from thousands of websites. This data is then refined and built into knowledge databases.

Our background in the Semiconductor and PCB segments have allowed us to complete several indexes for those industries. Our focus is expanding into Mechatronics, with the goal to cover the space between mechanical design with the interface by sensors/actuators onto chips. Our expertise in chips, electronic design, and semiconductor IP makes us uniquely qualified to build this expert knowledge base.

The company's veteran team has been in the design business for over 30 years. Focused on information aggregation, it is one of the premier teams in making sense of data found across multiple sites. Our aggregation robots learn, target, and organize data on a 24/7 basis.