Parallel Engines' main research and work arena is the creation of knowledge databases for various industries. Much of the work done comes in passes as both web software evolves and clients have specific data needs. Today we are focusing on building a knowledge base that spans between Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Design. This area is commonly referred to as Mechatronics.

Product Overview

Products are divided into Web-based Tools and downloadable Client-Server Tools. Web-based tools provide world-wide information access with ease of use. Our downloadable tools enable secure internal access to information for design teams.

Web-enabled Products are zero-installation cost solutions that run in any web browser. Web-based tools are maintained by us and our partners, eliminating the need for customer updating, fostering team integration and centralized access.

Client-Server Products operate more like traditional apps. Downloaded to your local machine, they provide traditional local application usage model. Running your own internal server provides the security required for sensitive projects and their analysis.

Hello Partners

Parallel Engines ( would like to thank the many of you who helped us refine our system during our Semiconductor and PCB aggregation project. Without your collaboration and feedback we could not have reached the level of automation we have today. Your feedback was invaluable.

We know this cost you time and effort, so Parallel Engines would like to give something back. Many of you have found use for the aggregated data, and some of you have expressed interest in the datamining results. For those who helped us, we are open to giving back to you the databases mined from your websites.

For more information, send email to and we will help in return.