Our Focus

We provide the world's best datamining products for aggregation of specific industry knowledge. When data is collected via our automated robots and refined in our expert system, it results in a single database with knowledge from thousands of related websites, with data that is semantically organized according to industry knowledge.

Benefits of Industry Aggregation

We do not operate industry centric websites; we provide the data and engines to build them. Data collected with our system has the smarts that are useful to experts in Mechanical Design, Electronic Design, Semiconductor IP chip assembly, as well as those building entire products with all the above. By aggregation, non-experts can gain knowledge and make decisions backed by industry best-practices and knowledge.

It's About Abstraction

Building knowledge into hierarchical abstraction levels is the key to productivity. Parallel Engines specializes in building abstractions filled in with hierarchical knowledge layers underneath. This approach allows the manipulation of massive objects without loss of detail, detail that will be later required for analysis or implementation.

It's about Aggregation

Knowledge clusters are the future of productivity. Having domain specific expert databases is the key to build ever larger system.

Parallel Engines can aggregate the data you need into one conveniently accessible, centralized place.


Datamining Robots:
High-performance index-based or gather-scatter engines for collecting information from multiple websites and their document content.

Database Organization:
Large cross-indexed databases representing entire industry knowledge bases. Aggregated from industry and related websites, a refinement pipeline organizes semantic data, delivered in a choice of powerful databases.

Information Display and Analysis:
Browser-based or downloadable application client-based viewers for assessing industry knowledge. Operates using standard frameworks, like Django, with SQL or higher order databases. Clear, concise, and cross-linked presentation graphics provide insight and data analysis for your organization.


Python, Django, AppEngine, WebKit
This website, and many of our tools, are built using Python, Javascript, and C++. The Open Source web frameworks Django, Google App Engine and WebKit have saved us years of development.

Qt 4 (doc), PyQt4, OpenGL,
Our Windows and Linux display clients use the above Open Source technologies as well as the public work of numerous engineers providing packages and support for the above.

OpenAccess and Si 2Cadence PCells, IPL: Interoperable PDK Libraries
Our semiconductor aggregation project used the above industry specific technologies to disassemble data in its refinement pipeline on its way to building knowledge databases.